Parent Support

We are here to serve and partner with you at every step on your journey to become a RootED parent and an education expert for your child.

As we continue to research the ever-changing needs of parents in Northwest Arkansas, our efforts and resources are constantly evolving. If you need assistance finding the best educational environment for your child in a way that’s not listed here, please reach out.

All of our services are available in English, Spanish or Marshallese. If you have a different language need, please let us know so we can find accommodations to help you.


Our current services for parents include:

Connections: We facilitate relationships between parents, educators and education partners to best meet the individual family’s needs. We also provide navigation for any type of registration your child may need, uniform-ordering and other tasks you may need help with to be set up for success.

Information: We provide thoroughly-researched, valuable information for parents that details their various education options, available resources and how to navigate those options in order to obtain a high-quality education for your child.

Resources: Education is about more than school, so after enrollment, what now? We provide support to keep your students excelling. Through our group of parent-leaders, therapy services, professional coaches, hosted events and other resources, we enable parents to break generational cycles and become engaged in their child’s education beyond the school building.

Please feel free to reach out to us so we can learn how we can best assist you and your family’s unique needs.

Our Process
RootED NWA believes in serving parents with respect and dignity.