At RootED NWA, we exist to empower you– because no one knows your child better than you do. We want to walk alongside you as you become a mighty advocate for your child’s education.

Northwest Arkansas is rich with educational opportunities for children, but unfortunately, we’ve found that many parents aren’t aware of the educational options available to their families. This direly limits their ability to be involved in their children’s development.

We believe all parents should have a voice in their child’s education.

We work closely with under-resourced families of all socio-economic and cultural backgrounds to help them become familiar with the resources and support accessible to their children. We serve as a bridge between parents and public school districts, charter schools, independent schools and private schools to help parents become confident and empowered champions for their child’s education.

As parents that belong to the communities we serve, we’re equipped to meet families where they are and amplify their voices– all with humility, empathy and a boldness to reject the unacceptable status quo that can keep parents powerless.